Open Source STEM Education Platofrm Pilot Scheme Workshop @ Science Park

Creative Learning Association organised the Open Source STEM Education Platforn Pilot Scheme Workshop at Science Park in 28/11/2016 from 2:30 to 4:30pm.

We have 30+ schools attended today’s workshop in five groups. All participants have received a STEM education kit as a gift. Five tutors have offered a “maker” session to assemble the STEM education kits together with teachers and principals.

We have group 1 to try the optics 1: Light Reflection – Periscope

We have group 2 to try the optics 3: Light Refraction – Telescope

We have group 3 to try the Optics 4: Reflection & Refraction – Holographic Projection

We have group 4 to try the Optics 2: Multiple Reflections – Kaleidoscope

Finally, we have group 5 to try the Optics 5: Image Reconstruction – Virtual Reality

All materials have been prepared and assigned to schools. All teachers are welcome to share their feedback in this open source platform.

We discussed a suitable schedule for teaching materials sharing date (31/1/2017) and also the presentation date (17/2/2017).

We will organise a competition for student for the application deadline by 28/2/2017 and the presentation date will be 29/4/2017. All schools (primary and secondary schools) are welcome to join. The topic is STEM Smart City. The details will be announced by next week.

Specially for our authorised supplier i-education to offer us the materials  at cost for schools who needs extra for their classes.

With all positive feedback from teachers and principals, I am sure this open source STEM education platform will keep evolving that can support teachers and students to benefit STEM education with happy teaching and learning.

Best regards,

Ir Dr Alan Lam

Founder of Creative Learning Association

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