STEM Forum 2016

With much anticipation from the education industry, the collaborative and persistent efforts of Creative Learning Association, Sengital Limited, Concept Infinity Limited and i-education has finally arrived at fruitful outcomes under the vision of Ir Dr Alan Lam to revolutionize STEM education.

STEM Forum 2016, hosted by the Creative Learning Association on the 10th November, 2016 has gathered groups of likeminded individuals hoping to be inspired. The Open Source STEM Education Platform has made its grand debut in the forum, showcasing new ways for institutes and individuals to discuss and innovate their teaching methodology and most crucially, to display the full collection of STEM resources written by Ir Dr Alan Lam to the public free of charge.

8 of the Heads Associations from multiple districts in Hong Kong also supported the STEM forum, in which 4 of the principals participated in the discussion and shared their illuminating experiences with the audience. Constituted by over 200 educators and individuals with related disciplines, the audience was thoroughly inspired and was actively engaged in the interaction to spark potential ideas that shape the future for STEM education.

Solo talks from Ir Dr Alan Lam, Ms Rowena Cheung and Prof Ray Cheung that ranged from learning platforms to Arts as a creative discipline were then delivered to offer new perspectives on how STEM education can be developed. It then came into conclusion that bringing skills that develop creativity – rather than technicality, shall be the core values of STEM.

The event blossomed in its epilogue with mobile booths that offer hands on experience on STEM teaching kits, students’ creative pieces and innovations. All returned with a lot to take away.

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