Since March, 2016, I received many requests from different school principals about the STEM education kit and teaching materials. In the past few months, I tried to source different off-the-shelf education kit and I found that none of them includes the education material and teaching material except some expensive courses that they bundle the teaching materials with the kits. I keep thinking that education should not be expensive. What are we missing? If I can source some low cost education kits and make the online teaching material (I offer to everybody free of charge), they can have cost-effective material to teach STEM education in HK. This idea drives me to work hard in the past few months.

Today I am happy to share what I have launched this online platform. I hope all the teachers and students will like it.

Pls feel free to read the books and share with me your comments and advices. This open source STEM education website is successful or not that is totally because of your feedback and advice.

Best reagrds,

Ir Dr Alan Lam